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Regatta Traffic Marshalling

In addition to Access and Reporting Instructions to crews and spectators, regatta officials will marshal traffic at the regatta as detailed below.

Control Points


At this control point, vehicles are stopped, allowed to turn and leave, or are directed to points B, C, D, and E.


This is controlled by at least one person (two at busy times) who will direct, control and advise boat trailers as necessary into area C. All other vehicles will be directed to point D and area E. When appropriate a Stop/Go board system may operate.


The supervisor in this paddock will ensure that all boats and vehicles are parked to allow easy access by boats from the paddock to the river.


The supervisor will allow residents to continue towards Hampton Court. All other vehicles will be directed into paddock E.


The supervisor will ensure that all vehicles park in a tidy way using the lines marked by poles and tape.

  1. The above map, which is not to scale, identifies five locations/areas where drivers arriving at the regatta may need guidance or help. As vehicles arrive at the points the map identifies, the drivers will be directed and controlled for their safety and that of the public. The vehicles and drivers will be subject to control which may include guidance and help as detailed.
  2. Marshals will wear Hi-Vis tops to clearly identify them as traffic Marshals for the event.
  3. Directional signage from the Hampton Wick roundabout to the Barge Walk will be produced to cover such information as where the car park is, the No Entry, the Exit, cautions for cyclists and pedestrians plus Stop and Go boards where appropriate.
  4. A small area of the car park nearest to the regatta entrance will be prioritised for disabled parking.
  5. In the event where an Emergency vehicle requires access, the control points will be used to maintain clear access routes.
  6. The small volume of contractor’s vehicles that visit the site on the Friday prior to the Regatta and the Monday after the regatta will be met and directed by the regatta’s “land crew”.

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