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Sprint Eights : Victor Ludorum

Two Great Days of Racing

Winners of all events will receive 1 pint lidded tankards,
except Diamond Jubilee Sprint Eights, which will receive quart tankards

Clubs will compete for the title "Victor Ludorum"
The most successful club of each day will receive a 3-pint tankard

Entries and fees using BROE only

Entries must be received by 10.00am (not 12.00pm) Monday 5th July 2021.

Kingston Amateur Regatta - Saturday 10 July 2021

Divisions 1 & 2 - 1000m downstream from stake boats, 3 abreast
Sprints - 350m from a free start, 2 abreast
No doubling in a division

Separate Open and Women's
events for J, J16 and Mas classes.
Senior racing in Event Bands

  Division 1   Division 2
Open 1x 2x   8+ Diamond
  4+ 4- 4x-
Women   4+ 4- 4x- 1x 2x   8+
J18     4-   1x   4x-  
WJ18 1x   4x-       4-  
J16 1x   4x-     2x    
WJ16   2x     1x   4x-  
Open J15 1x   4x+     2x    
Mas   2x 4x-   1x   4-  
Mx Mas     4-       4x-  
Adaptive AR3-PD 1x              


Kingston Borough Regatta - Sunday 11 July 2021

500m racing downstream from a free start
No doubling in a division

All J15 events and J14 4x+ & 8x+ 3 abreast
All other events 2 abreast

Open and Women, J15 Women only

  Division 1 Division 2
WJ15 1x   4x+   2x  
J14   2x 8x+ 1x   4x+
WJ14 1x   4x+   2x 8x+
J13     4x+   2x  
WJ13   2x       4x+
J12           4x+
WJ12           4x+
  • Entry fee, £17.50 per rowing seat, except Diamond Jubilee Sprint Eights.
  • Entries will be accepted, providing there are a sufficient crews entered and sufficient time in the racing programme.
  • If an event is over-subscribed, crews that have been entered will be put into the next appropriate status or age-group, unless a comment has been made with the entry in BROE.
  • Priority will be given to complete entries with full payment.
  • BROE Entry
    • Indicate in BROE, if you do NOT wish to be raised to a higher status.
    • Any other requests should go in the Comments field.
  • Payment
    • Entry fees as above. There are no charges for coxswains.
    • All entry fees must be paid using BROE
    • ENTRIES SECRETARY: +44 (0) 7952 586 784
    • TELEPHONE CONFIRMATIONS may be made on +44 (0) 7952 586 784
    • In the unlikely event of late regatta cancellation, one entry fee per competitor will be retained to cover costs.

Entries must be completed by 10.00am (not 12.00 pm) Monday 5th July 2021.

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