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  1. The Regattas will be held in accordance with the British Rowing Rules of Racing and Row Safe Guide. Boats must also carry an Environment Agency registration plate to row on the Upper Thames, and display the British Rowing Identification. This consists of the three-letter club code followed by the three-digit fleet number (including zeros). All boats taking part in this event have to be licensed, either in advance through the EA/British Rowing Block Scheme, or through purchase of a day license directly from the EA. Ensure you allow sufficient time for purchase of your boat license.
  2. The Regattas will be rowed three abreast, downstream towards Kingston Bridge. Junior 14 2x and 1x and all younger events will be raced two abreast. 
  3. The Amateur Regatta will be raced over 1,000 metres from stake boats. The Borough Regatta will be raced over 500 metres with a free start.
  4. Mixed-sex crews must have at least 50% female competitors.
  5. In the event of changes in the river conditions, the Race Committee may change the degree of stagger at the finish. If this happens an announcement will be made.
  6. All 8x+ boats should be coxed by a suitably experienced cox, whether of the same age group or older.

Events and Entrance Fees

  1. The Regatta Committee reserves the right to withdraw an event and refund the entry fee, if there are insufficient entries. Entries in Open and Women's events will be divided into event bands based on ranking points. The committee reserves the right to exclude from events those entries with particularly low or particularly high ranking points. In the event of over-subscription to an event, priority will be given to early entries that have fully paid the entry fee. Please indicate on BROE2 if you do NOT want an entry to be raised to a higher status or age-group.
  2. The Borough Regatta committee will endeavour to accommodate crews whose status has changed as a result of a win at the Amateur regatta.   If this is not possible, entry fees will be returned.
  3. The entrance fee is £19 per seat, except the Jubilee Sprints:
    Eights   152
    Fours and Quads   76
    Pairs & Doubles   38
    Sculls   19
    There are no charges for coxwains.

    All entry fees must be paid using BROE2.

  4. In the unlikely event of late regatta cancellation, one entry fee per competitor will be retained to cover costs.


  1. Entries must be submitted via BROE2.
  2. Trophies will be withheld until licences for the whole crew have been updated.
  3. No competitor may represent more than one Club on one day of the Regatta.
  4. No competitor may race in more than one event within a division; they may race in one event in each division on each day.
  5. Details of boat sharing must be provided via BROE2. Where possible, these will be catered for in the first round. Thereafter, although every effort will be made to avoid clashes, it is at the entrants’ risk.
  6. Competitors must supply their own boats and blades.
  7. Coxes are responsible for supplying their own weights if required.
  8. Boating facilities will be provided on the Middlesex bank, upstream of Kingston Bridge.  Parking will be available for boat trailers, and separately for cars.  The Regatta will endeavour to ensure the security of all equipment, but cannot accept responsibility in this respect.  All competitors and clubs should insure their property and make their own arrangements for its safety. For SATNAV: key in KT1 4AA.

Health & Safety

  1. Crew instructions, safety instructions and a map of the course with the circulation pattern are available on this website. It is expected that competitors and those in charge of them (if juniors) will be fully familiar with the safety directions before boating.
  2. Clubs are responsible to ensure competitors are fit to row.

Child Protection

  1. Anyone observing apparent child abuse or inappropriate behaviour should report it to Race Control/the Regatta Welfare Officer who will respond to the matter according to the BR Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Time Limit for Entries/Withdrawal

  1. Entries must be received, via BROE2, by 10am on Monday 8 July 2024.
  2. Crews that notify the Entries Secretary that they wish to withdraw after entries close are still liable to pay the entry fee.


  1. Crews that fail to comply with these Regulations; the Access, Reporting, and Boating Instructions; or the On The Water Safety Instructions will be liable to a penalty.


  1. The use of drones for photographic purposes or otherwise in the area of the regatta is strictly prohibited.

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