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Victor Ludorum

3-pint tankard

Victor Ludorum Regulations:

  • There will be a Victor Ludorum trophy for each day’s events.
  • Points will be awarded to clubs on the basis of 1 point per rower, eg 8 points for each Eight event, 4 points for each Four or Quad event irrespective of whether the boats are coxed or coxless.
  • A winning composite crew will have points awarded to the appropriate clubs depending upon the number of rowers from each club in the crew.
  • In the event of two or more clubs with the same number of points, the winning club will be that one with the larger number of event wins. If this still results in a tie, the club with most race wins, in events it wins, will be declared the VL winner.
  • The trophy for each day will be a 3-pint tankard.

2023 Results

The winners were Kingston Rowing Club on Saturday and Headington School on Sunday. Congratulations.

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