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Access, Reporting and Boating Instructions


  1. Access to the site is shown on this map.
  2. All vehicles towing trailers are strongly advised to approach the site via Teddington on the A310. Be aware of the Hampton Court Flower Show which usually coincides with the regatta and will cause delays in that area and approaches from Sunbury and Esher.
  3. Boat trailers and cars with boats on top should be driven down onto the Barge Walk from the bridge, where Marshals will guide them into the trailer park in the first paddock on the right.
  4. The paddocks will be open from 6:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday until dusk the same day. All trailers must be removed from the paddocks before 8:30 pm on Sunday. Trailers may be left from Friday evening by arrangement. Cars may not be left in the paddock over Friday or Saturday night, and must be removed each night by 8:30pm.
  5. There is ample parking available on site for all trailers (in the trailer park), and for competitors’ vehicles in the car park. Competitors’ tickets for the enclosure can be collected from the Crew Registration tent. Car park tickets are supplied with the draw notification, and must be available for inspection by the Marshals when you arrive. Additional competitors’ cars may use the car park for a small charge.
  6. Note that neither boats nor cars will be allowed to remain between the trailer park and the landing stages. Competitors responsible for boats or cars left in this area will be liable to a penalty. Great care must be taken when carrying boats from the trailer park to the boating area. Members of the public will be walking or cycling along the tow-path over which boats will be carried.
  7. Trains to Hampton Wick or Kingston rail stations.
  8. Buses:
    111, 216, 411 or 481 to stops J, P or U, "Church Grove/The King's Field",
    281 or 285 to stops A or H "Lower Teddington Rd",
    57, 65, 71, 85, 131, 213, 371, 406, 418, 458, 459, 461, 465, 513, 514, 515, 515A, X26, K1, K2, K3, K4 or K5 to Kingston town centre.
  9. Pedestrian access to the site is via the towpath from Kingston Bridge.


  1. Please read the Safety Rules carefully and abide by them. All competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers, supporters and spectators are required to comply with the BR Row Safe guidance.

Reporting Arrangements

  1. Arrival at the Regatta. Competitors should report to the Crew Registration tent. The BR registration number and the Rowing or Sculling points of all competitors must be declared via BROE. No competitor will be allowed to race unless the Entry form information is complete and appropriate regatta and registration fees have been paid. If you have to add information to the BROE Entry (e.g. substitutions), please allow ample extra time. You may be asked to show your BR registration card.
  2. Competitors in finals of events must bring ALL their BR registration cards to the Crew Registration tent for checking at least 30 minutes before they are due to race. 
  3. Numbers will be issued to each crew and these must be attached to the back of the bow rower of each crew and to both sides of the boat near to the bow.
  4. Coxswains will be weighed at the check-in and are responsible for providing their own dead-weights and personal flotation devices.  Coxswains will be issued with a weight certificate, which will specify any extra weight to be carried; these must be kept with them at all times at the regatta, as they may be asked to produce it.


  1. In order to keep the boating area as clear as possible, boat inspection will be split between the trailer park and the landing stage. Most boat checks should take place before boats leave the field and cross the barge walk.
  2. Competitors must, at all times, give precedence to other river users below the finish line, in the navigation channel alongside the course, and above the start. In particular they must allow for the large public passenger  cruisers using the landing stages alongside the course.
  3. Competitors must obey the ON THE WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS and circulation pattern shown in the MAP OF THE COURSE.
  4. Boating: Competitors must proceed WITHOUT STOPPING directly from the landing stage, up the starboard side of the navigation channel to the start marshalling area.
  5. You must ensure that you arrive in the Start Marshalling area NO LATER THAN FIVE MINUTES BEFORE the advertised start time for your race, and obey the instructions of the Start Marshal.
  6. If you are going afloat other than to race, you should ensure that you do not impede competitors who are boating for their race.
  7. After Racing:  On completion of your race, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the Umpire, competitors should clear the finish area as quickly as possible, by rowing through the centre arch of the road bridge or otherwise, as directed by the attending marshal as per the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
  8. Boats should be removed to the trailer area in the paddock and not be left on the bank or Barge Walk.  Competitors leaving boats in these areas are liable to a penalty.  Blades and shoes may only be left in the designated areas and not on the landing stages.
  9. Competitors failing to comply with these boating arrangements will be liable to disqualification or other penalty.

Prize Giving

  1. Prizes will be presented to winning competitors in the enclosure area immediately after each final. British Rowing registration cards will be checked, and endorsed if necessary.  Trophies will not be presented until all cards have been checked and endorsed.

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